As a direct consequence of the environment where this business has to take place, a Non Solicitation regulation has to be strictly followed by all of the involved parties.

This element of private placement programs strongly influences the way the parties can deal with each other and the way they can make contact. This fact can sometimes be also the cause of the origin of scams (or attempts to do so) due to the fact that at an early stage it is often difficult for the investors to realize if they are really in contact with a viable source.

Another reason why so few experienced people talk about these trading programs is because just about every contract involving the use of these high-yield instruments contains very explicit non circumvention and nondisclosure clauses which forbids the contracting parties from discussing any aspect of the transaction for a period of years. So, it is very difficult to locate experienced contacts who are both knowledgeable and willing to discuss openly about this type of instrument and the profitability of the transactions in which they figure.
Private placement programs are a very highly private business, not advertised anywhere nor covered in the general press, and they are not open to anyone but the best connected and most wealthy people that can come forward with substantial cash funds for trading.